A hackathon at Virginia Tech, one of the biggest hackathons in the southeast coast. Building, learning and demoing in 36 hours of a crazy, and fun weekend.

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,125 in prizes


Anki Drive Set, best use of Bloomberg's APIs.


4 Bluetooth Speakers, most innovative product/service for the smart home or car.

Ford Motor Company

OpenXC Vehicle Interface Kits, best automotive related project.

Entrepreneur Club at Virginia Tech

Most Viable Product. Goes to the hack which is most likely to be the start of a successful startup.

Capital One

$250 Amazon gift card for each of the winners, best use of the Capital One API.


Gift basket ($100 gift card + swag) for best hack.

1901 Group (2)

Engraved Crystal Mugs with a $50 AMEX Gift Card per team member, The most creative use of the D3.js library.

VTHacks Code for Good

VTHacks + HackDuke poster, VTHacks hoodie, limited edition VTHacks decals. Hack for social good.

Intel Mashery

3 parrot drones. Best use of Intel Edison board or Mashery API's


4 - Surface Pro 3. Best use of Azure or Microsoft API.


Challenge 1: Best app/program; challenge 2: Coolest use of hardware; challenge 3: Longest Named combo of open source Tech.
3 bitcoins per team challenge, 1 Free Raspberry PI or Teensy device for challenge 2 and 3.

Strap - Best use of Strap

1 Pebble per participant

VTHacks Top 1

Best hack in VTHacks

VTHacks Top 2

Best 2nd hack in VTHacks

VTHacks Top 3

Best 3rh hack in VTHacks

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